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Testimonials: Testimonials

"My first ever yoga class was a Restorative Yoga with Alexa. I was worried because I was a complete novice but she was a fantastic teacher and assisted me as needed during the session."

“Alexa’s yoga classes are fun and powerful! She gives clear instructions and will challenge you to become stronger physically and mentally with her unique blend of yoga and philosophy.”

Cillian McCann

Amy Charlie

”Attending Alexa’s class is always a treat. She bring such flow to her practice but with a focus on strength building and alignment also. I have always felt a calmness afterwards as her expertise and guidance on the breath allowed me to let go of whatever I was carrying previously, and feel refreshed and reinvigorated!”


“I attended many of Alexa‘s yoga classes when we were in Barcelona, Spain. She is a confident, inspiring teacher that springs of energy and joy when teaching. She takes great care of her students and her instructions are clear.
I felt as if she had been teaching for a long time when we had just started, her interest in yoga shines through during class. She‘s also easy going and great to work with. I can imagine that any studio would be happy to have her as a teacher”

Margret S.

“Alexa is an amazing teacher! Her instructions to get in and out of the poses are always on-point, striving for clarity and precision in the language but at the same time keeping it light and fun. She is truly passionate about yoga and about helping others in their own journey to improve their wellbeing. If you have the opportunity to take one of her classes, either a strong flow or a restorative session, make sure you don’t miss it!“

“Alexa is a phenomenal yoga teacher, particularly when it comes to her virtual classes! Her practice is challenging but she is there to meet you where you are at and walk you through a host of variations for any given pose. She is accessible to the beginner while also being attentive to those who are not new to the practice. It’s clear that she has a deep connection and commitment to her class, her teaching goals, and her own body.”

Francina Careta

Amy Peterson

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