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Public, Online, and In Person.

Contact me for Corporate or Private Lessons.



In Person Only

Start your week with a class that warms you from the inside out and from the outside in! Join me for an active, challenging class to wake the body and mind, and start your week with mindfulness. The latter half of the class included long-held, deep stretches that open the body and release tension. Find your breath, find your balance, find your practice.


Mondays at 9:30am, Tuesdays at Noon, & Thursdays at 8:00pm at De La Sol Yoga Studios, Hamilton


In Person & Live Streamed

A gentle 60 minute class that moves slowly and intentionally through asanas to help wake the body and stretch out stiffness. Some classes won't include any standing postures at all. This class is designed to let you leave feeling grounded and present, to get you curious and aware of your body and self, and brings attention to the structure of poses, muscular engagement, and mobility in the body.

Thursdays, 6:30pm at De La Sol Yoga Studios

(Virtual available) 


In Person Only

Work up a sweat in this 60min class that asks you to challenge your body, breath and mind. Find your flow state in the marriage of breath and movement. No two classes are exactly the same (though will repeat poses), allowing you to learn more postures, find new creative sequences, and discover the relation of action and engagement through poses and transitions. Explore breath work, how to engage with props to access poses, and strengthening in and of your poses. 


Wednesdays, 7pm at De La Sol Yoga Studios

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